The plant was founded in 1895 when Alexander Stein opened a small workshop with 2 workers and one lathe.  In the years 1896-1897 Stein offered services for the construction of water pipelines for estates and summer houses, drilling artesian wells.

By the year 1905, the workshop grew into a mechanical plant with 70 workers and modern machinery. The plant produced the pumps, the steam boilers, the bearings, made castings from copper, iron and bronze. In 1907 at the corner Kohanovskiy Boulevard ( Today is Oktyabskiy Prospekt) and Pankovskaya street ( Metallistov street) was built 2-storey office of brick.

In 1905-1914 the plant produced pumps, steam boilers, peat machines, tanks, castings from  bronze, copper and iron: paving slabs, hatch covers, furnace casting. It carried out orders for drilling artesian wells and water pipelines in St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Vitebsk, Smolensk, Estland, Livland provinces. The plant did construction and installation works at small enterprises. Stein sold bricks, cement, clay, mosaic tiles for floors and sidewalks, metal and ceramic pipes, water supplies and electrical goods. Also he was a representative of foreign firms for implementation of dynamos, pumps, steam boilers, steam engines, cars. The plant operated engineering office, where they carried out orders for electric lighting in the Summer theater in Sergievskiy sad (garden), on the boat bridge made for arrival of Emperor Nicholas II in August, 1903, in the People’s House named after Pushkin. Also Stein took the orders for rayling of the city tram.

In 1914 Stein sold the plant to the Military department. The plant got a name  of «Northwest workshops».

After the November revolution of 1917, the plant produced agricultural machines and repaired the locomotives. The plant got a name «Metallist». 

In 1927 «Metallist» begun to produce the flax processing plants. In 1931 Pavel Gelstein, joiner who worked on the state farm «Polonoe» near the town Porhov in Pskov Oblast invented a machine wihich was given his name — «Gelstein machine». Gelstein came to work at «Metallist».

In 1933 «Metallist» started to produce peat processing machines, the cranes for removal of stumps, peat machines and pumps.

On the 23 rd of July 1944, when Pskov was liberated from German troops, the plant laid in ruins.  During several years were built the workshops and was mounted the equipment.

In the end of 1950s, the plant began to develop and make electrical products. In January 1958  the plant was renamed as «Pskov Electric Machine Building Factory» («ПЭМЗ» in Russian letters), and in the same year the plant started to produce DC machines in mass.

In the 1970s, the plant built new workshops and put into operation a japanese assembly line for production of micromotors for cassette tape recorders. The first micromotor was assembled in PEMZ in 1977. In 1991, the plant produced 3.5 mln. pcs. of micromotors. Besides, the plant mastered the production of new series of DC machines, induction electric motors, including the motors for household appliances and special machines.

In the 1990s, the demand for manufactured products fell sharply. In a short time, the plant mastered the production of synchronous generators for passenger cars, new micro motors for cash registers, flashing beacons of special vehicles, service devices for cars, electromechanical toys. Also PEMZ started to make micromotors for electric cars, for duct ventilation. The product line was upgraded for more than 90%.

In 2003, the plant mastered the production of a phase splitter RFE-U1 for electric train, a traction motor TAD-21 for electric drive of tram, an electric motor DPTV-16.25 U2 for electric drive of cooling fan of resistor block of dump truck «BelAZ», the induction motors with outer rotor  DAK 92-45 & DAK-120 and made a plastic container K-0,75 PP for recycling of garbage.

Today PEMZ does not make neither the micromotors,  nor electric motors with outer rotor and plastic products.

The induction motor type TAD-21 was taken as a basis in development & manufacture of traction motors series ATD for electric drive of the trams, including these with a low-floor. In 2006 the plant started to produce the induction traction motors TAD-3 for drive of trolleybus. Today we make various  types of electric motors series DTA.

In 2015 the plant designed and begun producing a new induction traction motor type ATD-10 (72 kW, 500 V) for driving low-floor trams. This motor is an analog of the electric motor made by TSA.


«Pskov Electric Machine Factory» JSC  specializes in development and serial production of DC and AC electric machines up to 300 kW and devices for various industries, including railway and city transport, machine tools, shipbuilding, automotive and military equipment. The company has a significant scientific & technical potential, a patent and information database, the employees of the company permanently publish scientific & technical works.

The enterprise has next workshops, plots and laboratories:

1. Shop of colored casting equipped with injection molding machines, incl.a horizontal pressing chamber, locking force of molds from 160 TC to 630 TS, a mass of the filled metal is 2.1-10 kg, the max. pressing force is 25 — 67 TC and a vertical pressing chamber, a mass of poured metal is  4.3 kg, a specific pressure in a compression chamber is -32 MPa. They were made in ex-Czechoslovakia).

2. Mechanical workshops.

The plant has a large park of various metal-cutting equipment for processing of  small and large sized parts and assemblies. The workshops are equipped with universal equipment, CNC machines, modern high-performance machining centers with CNC turning and milling groups which allows to process both body parts and the bodies being in rotation.

The plant bought turning machining centers made in South Korea:

— a horizontal lathe machining center with CNC Doosan Infracore PUMA 300 LC;
— a vertically-lathe machining center with CNC Doosan Infracore PUMA VT 900;
— a vertical turning machining center with CNC Doosan V 740.

 Also we have new milling machining centers made in USA:

-a vertical milling machining center with CNC HAAS VF-5/50,
— a horizontal milling machining center with CNC HAAS EC-1600YZT,

-an installation of propano-oxygen cutting RUR 2500G, made in Czech Republic.

All modern equipment is provided with foreign cutting tool (SANDVIK; ISCAR) which allows to use it effectively and quickly for efficiently production.

3. a site of manufacturing of rubber products.

4. a site for the manufacture of permanent magnets from Strontium Ferrite by dry pressing on a modern line with a capacity of more than 10 Mln.pieces per year.

5. an area of manufacture of sliding bearings for micromotors.

6. Forging production equipped with presses PASU-40, PASU-63, PASU-100, PAUST-63 made in West Germany, Aida NC-110, Aida FT-2-6, DH-35, presses RDU-20BA made in Japan.

 7. Plot for manufacturing plastic parts on injection molding machines with the help of:

A) Horizontal injection chamber: mod. N-70A, N-100A (made in Japan) with an injection volume of 84 cc, KuASY-170/55, KuASY-410/100, KuASY-630/160, KuASY-1400/250 (made in Germany) with injection volume  respectively 168, 340, 512 and 1160 cc; SH-300, YM165mk111 (made  in India and Hong Kong) with 942 injection and 165 cc injection; DE3300F1, ЛПД-500/160, ДВ3127-63 (made in ex-Republics of USSR) with an injection efficiency of 178, 400 and 63 cc;

B) vertical injection chamber, mod. SAY-60/52 (made in Japan) with injection volume of 40 cc.

8. a galvanic section. The following types of coatings  are available: galvanizing, tin-bismuth-coating, nickel plating, chemical nickel plating, chromium plating, silvering, etching and passivation of copper and copper alloys, etching and clarification of aluminum, anodizing of aluminum, chemical oxidation of steel, chemical phosphating of steel, chemical oxidation of aluminum.

 9. Areas of winding, insulating, stacking stators and armatures of electric machines.

10. Areas of assembly of electric machines.

11. Measuring laboratories, testing & research laboratory.

12. A noise chamber equipped with the equipment of «Matsushita Electric» and «Bruel & Kjaer».

The enterprise has a significant amount of modern universal, special technological and control equipment.

There are near  8 000 sq.m.  of unoccupied areas where it is possible to organize the production of new products.

Our partners

Open joint-stock company»BELAZ» Republic of Belarus, Zhodino,
Open joint-stock company «Torzhok Carriage Works», Torzhok,Tver Oblast,
JSC «Trans-Alfa», Vologda,
Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Uraltransmash», Ekaterinburg,                                                                                     Ust-Katav railcar-building plant named after Kirov, Ust-Katav, Chelyabinsk Oblast,
PK Transport Systems,LLC, Moscow,
Closed joint-stock company» Trolza», Engels, Saratov Oblast


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