The plant was founded in 1895 by the businessman A.K. Stein as a small repair shop with two workers, and nowadays, it is one of the oldest enterprises of City Pskov. By the year 1905, the repair shop has become the mechanical plant equipped with the newest machines of the time with number of 70 workers. At the plant, pumps, steam boilers, bearings, castings were made of bronze and copper. Besides, the plant was engaged in building the artesian wells and water supply.

After October revolution of 1917, the main part of made products consisted of agricultural machines. Small repair of steam locomotives was carried out, too. Then the plant’s name was «Меtallist» (Metal worker). Since 1927 the plant produced the machines for processing flax. In 1933 the plant began to specialize in production of machines for peat mechanical engineering. In 1950s the plant has started to run in the electrotechnical production. In January 1958 the plant was renamed into Pskov electric machine-building plant (PEMZ) , and in the same year serial release of DC electric machines has begun.

In 1970s the plant has started in inner building works and new floor spaces were placed in service to install the equipment purchased in Japan for production the micro motors for cassette tape recorders. The first micro motor was made on the assembly line in 1977. In 1991 the plant produced 3.5 mln pcs. micro motors. New series of d.c. machines, asynchronous electric motors, electric motors of series КD for household electrical appliances and special electric machines for needs of defense were mastered.

In 90th years the demand for manufactured products has sharply fallen. In short terms the plant has mastered the production of generators for railway carriages, new micro motors for cash registers, for flashing devices of special cars, for servo units of cars, for electromechanical toys; electric motors for electric truck; electric motors for channel ventilation. The product line was updated to more than 90%.

In 2003 the company has mastered the production of phase splitter RFE-U1 for electric train, of traction motor TAD-21for tram, of electric motor DPTV-16,2 for cooling blower of resistor set of lorry «BelAZ», induction motors with outer rotor DAK 92-45, DAK-120, plastic container for garbage.

In 2005 the company has mastered the production of electric motor ATD-1 for a drive of the wheels of tram, and in 2006 we have made the electric motor TAD-3 for drive the wheels of trolley. In 2005-2006 by method of rotational moulding we have manufactured several products: cover, container with a pedal, selective garbage container, sand box, mini-pool.

The joint-stock company «Pskov electric machine factory» specializes in production of DC and AC electric machines for various purposes from fraction of watt up to 300 kW for home radio electronics, home electric appliances, machine tools, cars, trams, trolleys, railway carriages, ships and other purposes.

The enterprise has considerable scientific and technical potential, a patent and information database; the managers and the employees of the plant permanently publish the works in scientific and technical editions.

The enterprise includes the shops, sites, laboratories as follows:

1. A shop of non-ferrous casting equipped with injection moulding machines, namely with the horizontal pressing chamber machines at mould locking force from 160 tf to 630 tf,  the mass of molten metal from 2.1 kg to 10 kg, the pressing force from 25 tf to 67 tf and vertical pressing chamber with pressure 32 Mpa (made in Czech Republic).

2. The machine shops which are equipped with various multipurpose equipment including the machining centers with CNC.

3. A rubber sector.

4. A sector for production Fe-Sr permanent magnets by dry pressing on up-to-date line at capacity over 10,000,000 pcs/year.

5. A sector for production sliding bearings for micro motors.

6. A stamping shop with the presses PASU-40, PASU-63, PASU-100 (made in Germany), Auda NC-110, Auda FT-2-6, DH-35 (made in Japan), PAUST-63 (made in Germany), automatic presses RDU-20BA (made in Japan) and others.

7. A plastic parts’ sector with thermoplastic automatic machines including:

a) horizontal injection chamber: model N-70A, N-100A (made in Japan) with injection capacity 84 cc, KuASY-170/55, KuASY-410/100, KuASY- 630/160, KuASY-1400/250 (made in Germany) with injection capacity 168, 340, 512 and 1160 cc respectively; SP-300, YM165mk111 (made in India and Honkong) with injection capacity 942 and 165 cc; ДЕ3300Ф1, ЛПД-500/160; ДВ3127-63 (made in CIS-countries) with injection capacity 178, 400 and 63 cc.

b) vertical injection chamber, model SAY-60/52 (made in Japan) with injection capacity 40 cc.

8. A sector for plating the coatings as follows: zinc plating, tin and bismuth plating, nickel plating, chemical nickel plating, chrome plating, silver plating, etching and passivation of copper and copper alloys, etching and lightening of aluminium, anodization of aluminium, chemical oxidation of steel, chemical phosphatizing of steel, chemical oxidation of aluminium.

9. The sectors for winding, assembly, insulation of micro motors and electric machines.

10. Measuring laboratories, the Test & Research Laboratory.

11. A noise chamber equipped with up-to-date devices made by Matsushita Electric and Bruel and Kjaer.

The company has a considerable number of up-to-date multipurpose special process & measuring control equipment..

The company has free production areas of more than 7,000 sq.m., where the production of new items can be organized.