Generators series KG

1 The generators KG-12.5 and KG-19S are designed for power supply of auxiliary equipment in shunting locomotives. 2. Generators KG-12.5 and KG-19 are designed to operate in a sea climate, including for ship operation, as well as indoors at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 40 (C). The generators type KG-12.5 can operate singly and in parallel with other similar generators. The generators are made with self-excitation, they are splash-proof with self-ventilation. At the request of the customer, the terminal box can be located on the right or left when viewed from the commutator side. Mass: 210 kg. The generators KG-19 and KG-19S can be made with mixed, independent, parallel excitation. Mass: 270 kg.

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