The machines are designed for continuous operation in DC drives in temperate, sea and tropical climates.
It is designed to drive oil transfer pumps of diesel locomotives.
1 The generators KG-12.5 and KG-19S are designed for power supply of auxiliary equipment in shunting locomotives. 2. Generators KG-12.5 and KG-19 are designed to operate in a sea climate, including for ship operation, as well as indoors at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 40 (C). The generators type KG-12.5 can operate singly and in parallel with other similar generators. The generators are made with self-excitation, they are splash-proof with self-ventilation. At the request of the customer, the terminal box can be located on the right or left when viewed from the commutator side. Mass: 210 kg. The generators KG-19 and KG-19S can be made with mixed, independent, parallel excitation. Mass: 270 kg.
Asynchronous traction motor DATE-1U1 for electric train EG2Tv.
The generators EGV are designed for power supply of a passenger car.
Is is designed for driving the impeller of the fan brake system of BelAZ mine dump trucks
29 ... 3722 (12/24 c) (TУ 37.003.1415-92) They are designed to protect electrical circuits from overcurrents and short-circuit currents. Products for the automotive industry
Cross-field control generators are designed for use in automated drives and other similar devices where response speed and high effort of the control electrical signal are required.
DC electric machines are designed to energize the excitation windings of the generators and the motors.